Frequently Asked Questions

How long is your delivery time?

The delivery time depends on the product and the country you are living in. Normal delivery time is 10-14 days. The delivery time estimate can be seen on the checkout page after you’ve inserted your address.

Recently I bought a brand product X from a large online store. Their delivery time was far shorter. How come it takes so long for you guys?

Our orders are created just for you! With on-demand production, everything is made to order, creating less waste than conventional manufacturing. That can add time to the delivery and is also the reason why delivery times can vary between different products.

How much is your delivery fee?

Starting from 3,69€. Delivery costs depend on the product and the volume of the products. You can see the delivery fee on the checkout page after your address has been inserted.

How can I pay my order?

You can pay by using the most common credit card options, Visa, MasterCard or Amex. In addition, you can also choose PayPal or Apple Pay.

Is it safe to pay on your website?

Yes. Paying and using our shop is safe. The shop is built on Shopify’s platform, which is one of the most popular online commerce platforms in the world. Payments are made via Shopify’s trusted partners, which are the biggest payment providers in the world. Shopify’s stock is listed in the New York Stock Exchange. As of May 2021 Shopify’s platform is used by 1,7 million businesses in 175 countries. More on Shopify can be read for example from Wikipedia.