About us

What is Boat Fixers Anonymous all about?

Boat Fixers Anonymous is a virtual support group for boat enthusiasts in Facebook & in Instagram.

The whole idea came to me a few years back when I was fixing the boat one night, late as usual. Things were not going forward as expected, on the contrary. I messed up somehow and things just didn’t work out as they should have. And I should have called it a day, but stubborn as I am, I just couldn’t give up.  At the same time, I would have liked to have someone to share the story with.

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to have a community where people gather and share their stories. And not the ones where things go just right, but the harsh reality in between the before and after photos, when things just seem to go wrong. Then I thought, isn’t that what the boat clubs are for? 😊 Yes. But too often it’s just you on the boat. No-one is at the boat yard, at least the ones who could give you a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. 😊 For that reason, Boat Fixers Anonymous was created.

The man behind this idea is me, Jussi. I’ve had a boat for more than 20 years. Past 5+ years I’ve been fixing up an aluminum Van De Stadt 34. A whole lot of things has been fixed or rebuilt during the past years. But the thing is, I’ve been an anti-Midas all my life. Things just seem to always go the hard way. Especially on this learning by doing project, many things have been done a few times over!! 😊😊 Here’s a few old examples from our blog. I Did It Myself And Screwed-UP – TOP 5 SCREW-UPS - LIBERTA - A Boat To Freedom

Well, now the site and the groups are out on Facebook & in Instagram. Let’s see if we can find enough like-minded people to get some fun stories shared and enjoyed. If you feel this is something for you, hit the like button on the sites above! And if you love the cause, pick something you like on this site and smash the buy button! 😊

We (me and my gal Kaisu) have a company formed for running our side hustle, the blog and an online store, trying to get some extra money to fix the boat. This web shop is also run by the same company The Liberta Organization, company ID: 2884806-2. This shop is built on Shopify’s platform, which is one of the most popular online commerce platforms in the world. So, using this site is safe. Payments are made via Shopify’s trusted partners, which are the biggest payment providers in the world. As of May 2021 Shopify’s platform is used by 1,7 million businesses in 175 countries. The gear sold on the site is manufactured by Shopify’s partner company, with sites around the world. The goods are produced with on-demand production. That means everything is made to order, creating less waste than conventional manufacturing.

I hope you enjoy the content and that we can get ourselves on good mood with good hearted laughs on each other’s learning experiences! 😊


Head Boat Fixer

@ Boat Fixers Anonymous